Early Days in the Kahikatea Block

Trustees Chris Pullar and Ian Mackrell at the newly installed main entry gate to the kahikatea block along the Pohangina Road boundary before developing ponds (Jan 2001).

Swampy farmland with remnant Kahikatea (NZ white pine) as viewed from inside the kahikatea block before developming the wetlands.

Kevin Large of Pohangina Valley at work digging along the road boundry fence line in the kahikatea block (Nov 2001).

A partially developed pond with remnant kahikatea trees being isolated as an island (Sept 2001).

More digger work, later, isolating the kahikatea trees.

Newly completed ponds in the kahikatea block as viewed from the entry gate. The reddish growth on the water surface is a native aquatic fern, Azolla rubra (June 2002).

Early preparation work putting in a culvert in the lower boundary of the kahikatea block (Aug 2001).

View from Pohangina Road boundary some time after replacing old fence (Winter 2003).

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