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17 March 2013. Mid Autumn with sun shinning on poplar trees in the distance. Pohangina Road along Kahikatea block.

30 January 2013. Raupo block in hot mid Summer.

23 July 2012. Dabchick pair in the big pond with a newly hatched striped head chick on the back of the right adult.

18 June 2012. RTV on damsite pond head silhouetted on the raupo pond in the new Raupo block.

17 May 2012. White-faced heron visits the raupo block wetlands extension developed last summer.

05 December 2011. Big pond oovered with red native New Zealand aquatic fern, first time since pond created in 2006.

05 August 2011. Pukeko about to depart from a falllen poplar in the kahikatea block.

09 June 2011. Cabbage Tree pond in late afternoon with the long light of early Winter enhancing the colours and brightness.

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