Gordon's 1st Tractor - a story by Carol Luttrell

Gordon wanted a tractor.
The tractor wanted a new home.
"I want something new and shiny" said Gordon.
"I'm dusty and dull" said the tractor, "but I go really well."
"I'm strong and reliable, just you wait and see."

So, Gordon drove the tractor home.

First he gave it a really good wash, a coat of shiny blue and cream paint.
Next he put on two big new tyres, and some really bright orange flashing lights.
"Ah, what a lovely tractor" said Gordon.

The tractor, all shiny and new, was not happy.
Gordon was not happy, they needed something to do.
"I know what we'll do" said Gordon, "we'll make the Pukeko a brand new home."
Gordon was very fond of the Pukeko family with their bright red beaks and dark blue sheen.

So, Gordon filled the tractor up with diesel and they set to work.

First they mowed the grass.
Next they dug some very big holes.
The big holes filled with water and mud.
Then they made some banks, and planted lots of wetland plants.

"Just look at those Turkeys" said Anne.
"Its for the Pukeko" said Gordon.
The Pukeko were very happy.
Gordon and the tractor were covered in mud.
Gordon and the tractor were very happy.
After all, what's a little mud amongst friends!

Carol Luttrell, April 2001, Pohangina, New Zealand

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