Pohangina Valley Community Hall History

The first hall was built in 1885 for use by the timber mill workers, bushmen, and those developing roads and farms. It is noted that the Adsetts Mill donated the flooring for the hall; how the rest was funded we do not know.

The 1896 census quoted Pohangina Village with a population of 163 with another 78 in the neighbourhood. By the turn of the 20th century, there were two general stores, three blacksmiths, and a large school with 106 pupils at its peak. A Technical school was built in 1910. There was the Pohangina County Office, the creamery, Harts butchery, public library, saleyards and public domain. The Open Brethren had established a chapel. The Methodist church and others had services in the hall or the school. Culling's store was also a boarding house. Mr Culling used to deliver mail on horseback to other post offices around the valley. There were two midwives, a Mrs Lucas, and a Mrs Klink, who used to ride on horseback up and down the river to attend patients.

The first hall was situated next to the present one and had extensive use. Dances were held, local concerts and also visiting troupes used to call at Pohangina. During the first world war farewells for the soldiers were held, patriotic activities also, and of course, the welcomes home.

The present hall was built in 1934. It was used by the Women's Institute, school concerts, dances, table tennis club, all sports clubs organised dances, farewells and welcomes home to the forces in the 1939/45 war. Patriotic activities were also held. In more recent times the hall was used by the Young Farmers Club, Federated Farmers, and the Badminton club for thirteen years. The hall committee held many cabarets to raise funds for tables and chairs, and other improvements.

In the last few years we have upgraded the kitchen, dressing rooms and the servery. This has attracted more people to hold weddings and twenty-firsts in the hall. We also hold fireworks, and auction evenings to raise funds for everyday running expenses. For hall bookings please phone Bob Passey at 6-329-4858.

Bob Passey, May 2001