Pohangina Cemetery History

Back in the early 1890s a cemetery was established in the Domain property, below the road leading up Pohangina Valley West. There is still a fig tree and a post on the site. Because of the shocking access and wet conditions the authorities of the day set aside ten acres of land on Kuku Road, the site of the present cemetery.

It is understood that the remains of four of our first settlers were uplifted, and we presume that they made their very last journey by block dray, probably to the Ashhurst Cemetery.

There does not appear to have been much activity at the new cemetery until about 1910 or 1911, from then on it has gradually continued to fill. More than one person has been heard to say that they wished to be buried at Pohangina so that they could keep an eye on those in the Village. Over the years many city folk have been impressed with the pleasant surroundings and the peaceful atmosphere - though there has been the odd occasion when a farmer atop a hill was heard to remonstrate with his dogs.

Let us improve our cemetery and make it a place of beauty in memory of those who have gone before us, many of whom were pioneers and who helped to form the Valley and make it into the district of which we are so proud - Bob Passey, February 2003.