Monarch butterflies are alive and well in Pohangina Valley


Here, Anne Pilone is surveying Swan Plants for any signs of butterfly life.


There's a monarch caterpillar.....


.....and here is a monarch chrysalis just opening to release the butterfly.


Wow! Can you find all 6 monarch butterflies in this photo?


This one is flapping its wings slowly to dry them just after emerging from the chrysalis.


Look at this one with fully opened wings, and.....


.....this one, a little closer, can you tell the difference between these two Monarch butterflies?

One is a male and one a female?

The top one is a male. It has a black scent organ on a vein near the centre of each hind wing. Monarch butterflies in New Zealand do not migrate as do those in the Northern Hemisphere, but stay locally all year 'round.


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